Let's get business moving again
Let's get business moving again

To protect lives and save livelihoods, customers and employees need businesses to be able to open and operate safely.

SteriPods advanced protection doorways and the 15MIN COVID TEST are helping people go about their normal business and strengthening the economy.

SteriPods advanced protection doorways and the 15MIN COVID TEST are a key part of the UK’s day to day Covid Prevention Measures (CPM).


Fast. Effective. Efficient

Installing SteriPods demonstrates responsibility for the health and well-being of your customers and staff. Our 15MIN COVID TEST, offers people additional reassurance to return to retail, work, sport and socialising

SteriPods take less than 3 seconds to disinfect each person and the 15MIN COVID TEST can deliver results in under 3 minutes, allowing customers and staff to flow smoothly with no delay or disruption.

The Social Passport

The SOCIAL Passport has been developed to help bring both friends and families back together as well as clubs, bars, restaurants and other entertainment and sporting venues back to life.

The SOCIAL Passport forms a key part of our Covid Prevention Measures.

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15 Minute Covid-19 Test

We are committed to assisting the workforce by making COVID-19 tests accessible and affordable to all UK workers. Our tests are independently sourced and have no impact on the NHS.

ALL tests are carried out by a trained member of staff at one of our COVID secure premises.

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