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Lease hire & purchase solutions

SteriPods can be purchased, leased or hired on a short-term basis, making them suitable for all kinds of business, venue and occasion from permanent office space to pop-up events and bespoke occasions.

We advise on and provide the calculations for anticipated levels of SteriMist required within the booth and offer an aftercare package to ensure seamless replenishment of stock and maintenance of the unit.

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5000People can be sanitised without having to refil most SteriPods united

3pPer person running costs on average

40Litre sanitiser tanks available on our larger machines

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It only takes seconds

SteriPods take less than 3 seconds to disinfect each person, allowing customers and staff to flow smoothly and with minimal interruption.

SteriPods deliver a total body sanitising treatment that includes the hands. The drip tray underfoot also kills bacteria on the soles of people’s shoes. People pass through the unit without the need to touch any handles or surfaces.

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