Let's get business moving again
Let's get business moving again

As the government begins to ease lockdown measures and various business sectors, retail outlets and some leisure spaces around the UK start returning to a new normal, we at SteriPods set our focus firmly on protecting both lives and livelihoods.

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Recent polls show that post lockdown over 65% of British people said they are wary of going to places where large numbers of the general public gather, such as shopping centres, sporting venues, bars and restaurants.

The new normal and new ways of working require new innovations


Along with all other government guidelines for battling the effects of coronavirus, early installation of SteriPods is essential, not just for the necessity of returning business to normal as fast as possible, but also to demonstrate responsibility and care for the health and well being of all customers and staff.

Many large businesses and organisations including Premier League football clubs, major UK shopping centres, transport systems and government offices are already talking to us about the installation of SteriPods.

Suitable for large companies
& small businesses

SteriPods are not just for larger, heavy footfall venues. Many smaller independent shops and firms will benefit from installing SteriPods, to help bring life and livelihoods back to the high streets of the UK.

SteriPods offer large companies and small businesses the ability to give employees reassurance in the workplace and visitors the additional confidence they need to begin interacting with them once again.

SteriPods are fast, easy to install, free-standing units. They are also easy to move and relocate to adjust to different traffic flow requirements.

SteriPods take less than 3 seconds to disinfect each person, allowing your customers and staff to flow smoothly and with minimal interruption.

SteriPods deliver a total body sanitising treatment that includes the hands. The drip tray underfoot also kills bacteria on the soles of people’s shoes. People pass through the unit without the need to touch any handles or surfaces.

SteriPods are available with optional extras on request, including a digital wall mounted thermometer and facial recognition systems.

SteriPods are available in several different sizes to accommodate all size of business entrance and are delivered assembled and ready to install. Branding and sponsorship graphics can also be applied to help create a more natural and friendly environment for customers and staff.

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Sponsorship and advertising can help offset your costs

SteriMist solution delivers a safe, ultra-fine, yet very effective sterilising mist that completely disinfects people from head to toe.

Developed by specialists supplying hospitals around the world, SteriMist is a fragrance free and odourless disinfectant. It contains no alcohol and unlike alcohol-based disinfectants, it is gentle on the skin and avoids irritation when frequently used. Based on a scientifically proven formulation, SteriMist offers longer-lasting protection compared to alcohol based disinfectants.

Sterimist Bottles


  • Kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria
  • Does not irritate the skin or eyes
  • Is alcohol free
  • Is a water based sanitiser and disinfectant
  • Is 80-100 times more effective than bleach
  • Is 100% organic
  • Is 100% vegan
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Has a shelf life of 6 months

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